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hey there, my name is amelia and i document things for a living.

my primary focus is love.  the "hey i want to look at that face for the rest of my life!" kind of love.  and i would say engagement sessions are my favorite to shoot because who doesn't want to hang out with rad couples on a regular basis and get awkwardly close to them as they kiss and love up on each other?  cause yeah, that's what i do and i'm all about it.

i also document love on more hectic, emotional, church bells ringin' kind of days - i'm talking about weddings. while this isn't as intimate and low-key as engagement sessions are, it's still a crazy amazing thing to be able to document. saying "i do" to the person you want to wake up next to every morning for the rest of your life is a big deal! and i will always feel honored that my clients hand-picked me to be there to capture it.

and because i don't limit myself to love, i also document "lovely things" too. by this, i mean i document just about everything from boudoir babes to itty bitty "i was born just two days ago" babes.  one of the coolest things about my job is i get to watch my clients grow.  i've been doing this for so long that i have been able to watch multiple clients go from being freshly engaged, to being barely clothed with confidence, to being a beautiful bride, to being parents. not to the point of grandparents yet, but gosh darn it i can't wait for that to happen.