amelia charleen




i’m in love with the combination of art and documentation, which is probably why i decided to make a career of it. photography isn't just something i do, it's a part of me.  just as my eyes and ears are a part of me.

i’m an eastern iowa native who majored in professional photography and eventually caught the "travel bug."  i worked with a variety of musicians and couples while living in central kentucky, then i moved to southern florida and branched out by working with fashion bloggers, interior designers, and retail companies.  i now happily call eastern iowa home once again, running my business from a loft in downtown davenport, iowa and focussing on love and portraits.

i 100% embrace the “do what you love” philosophy in everything that i do (i actually have that phrase tattooed on my forearm in the handwriting of one of my favorite photographers!)  my style can be best described as lifestyle meets fine art.  i like working with people who want something different and slightly untraditional, because maybe they’re a little different and slightly untraditional. but enough about me, it’s your turn.

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illustration above by: artist called lo