amelia charleen

studio space


some of you have probably made your way to my quaint little preston studio space, but some of you might not have. this space is not only a place to photograph indoors, but it's also my office.  this is where i have client consultations, where i edit your photos, where i store my props, and it's also where i take newborn photos and headshots. so it's basically where i am about 80% of the time (joking, but also slightly serious!)

when choosing a color scheme for my space, i went with primarily grays. i got a lot of "why would you do that amelia? that's so depressing and dull."  oh the contrary, grays are timeless and elegant.  i added touches of black and gold and threw in some greenery anywhere i could.  side note: because i am a plant serial killer, all plants are fake ikea plants apart from a few recently acquired cacti which are super real (and pokey!)


in my opinion, one of the coolest things about having this space is that i finally have a place to display my film camera collection which is something i've been collecting for about 3 years now. i'm currently sporting about 30 of them around the studio on various shelves and corners but believe me when i say, between gifts and thrifting, that number grows about once a month.

one other thing that i couldn't live without in my studio is my amazon echo (this post is totally not sponsored by amazon, i literally just love it that much!) i play music through this, set timers, ask it the time when i'm setting up for in-studio sessions, or weather conditions for outdoor shoots, everything.  i basically consider alexa my assistant - sad but true! if you're curious about what they look like, it's the little black cylindar on my side table!